Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm moving!!!

Or I did move...last night.


 (I own domain-what what!)

Come wish me a happy one year!!!  

Love you. 

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Monday, January 4, 2010

One year!

My blogoversary is in 2 days (!!!!) and well I'm not quite sure how to celebrate (I did receive a nice bottle of bubbly this morning from a spin member as a belated New Year's Gift hmmm-any takers!?). Not sure if there is certain protocol to follow, do I post, not post?? Either way I'm thinking of switching to wordpress...but not sure. I saw some really cool features over at CisforConnie's blog like her adorable FALLING SNOW!!!  (only through Jan 4th-but SO cute) and some other widgets I other words I'm stealing her entire blog. What she writes I will simply copy and paste...change out the Connie's for Jennifer's and bam. 
But yea I want wordpress, I figure the switch will send me straight to blog's been a year (almost) I'm ready for it...I'm just hoping I can keep "Maybe Slightly Girly"....there is something about googling myself-yes I do it proudly (twss) and having my blog come up that makes me all smily not to mention warm and fuzzy. Which on a day like today (weather bug reads 9 degrees) is a good thing, plus my heat in my office is out/off, did I tell you?  Well yeah it is. Off, completely. My office has been closed since Wednesday so yeah coooool-literally.  My nose is all sniffling, my fingers are numb, and a slight tint of blue, there is a line for the coffee maker.  Guess I'm moments from my teeth chattering...someone come cuddle with me, please!!!!?
 Happy Monday-yeah lets work FIVE days this week!!!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Project Life!!!

Hi there, me again! 
Gosh I just have so much to talk about!!! Aren't you lucky. Well I'm super stoked about this post...I tried this last year (shocking I didn't last long-twss) but I think I didn't keep it going because I didn't have the kit, or invest any money into it.  Well that's all changed this year!  Kind of. It's still sold out, but this year Amazon is selling them so I'm on the waiting list to get one. 

What is it you ask!?!??! 

One picture per day. Each day for a year!  It's a spin on scrap-booking-yet still capturing everything awesome and good about picture taking...and who better to do this then the mildly obsessed picture taking gal like myself!!??! (Damn, reason #26 I should have asked for a new camera for Christmas...but mine's still good)  Everything comes in this great adorable kit-which for the non scrap-booker like myself is a big plus! 
For more details check out this groovy chicks website and heck if you are that interested sign up for your OWN Project Life book! 

I can. not. wait to get my book and get started!! I already took a picture for January 1st and have today's already planned-off to a good start I'd say.  Go me! :-)

PS-Thanks Mary for the reminder!  I'm looking forward to seeing your book, and showing you mine!!!! xoxo!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years!

Yep, we rang in the New Year out in Wrigley with 50 of our closest umm 50 of our fantastic hosts' friends. :-)  It turned out to be a pretty good night....ok yes Jen drank too much-yes she did throw up, yes before even getting home, and *sigh* yes in a cab. But to clarify she threw up OUT of the cab like seconds after getting into the cab....umm whoops. So New Years ended for me promptly at 12:08am give or take 4 or 7 minutes-double whoops. I partly blame the all you can drink, the 312's, the switching to cranberry and vodka(sssss) and maybe drinking like once a month these days.  
 Whatever I cured the hangover with Avatar in 3D/IMAX and a good run-although thanks for all the other suggestions-
Twitters friends-

And Facebook lovers-

The good thing about the whole night was although I was clearly over served (not my fault) I still remember most of the night which in my opinion is the best kind of drunken nights Plus it marked the second year in a row with the best new years kiss a gal could ask for. Heres to many more my love!

And on to the highlights and to help me remember a little bit more....

Tammy, Mary, drunky, Amanda

Getting Happ(ier)

Annnnnnnd she is done.

Happy 2010 Kids... 

New Year.

Happy 2010...
I never had a problem with 2009, but hell whatever. Hello 2010-Welcome. And starting things off on the right foot-nope, not about to list all of the resolutions for everyone to read. Sorry to disappointment but I'm not making any resolutions-guess maybe because I pretty much failed at all the ones I made last fact there is a red plastic penguin bank with about 42 bucks in it somewhere, gosh I hope I took it when I moved. Whoops....
So yea when I stay starting off on the right foot I guess I mean literally my right foot, then left-RUNNING!!! Yes blah blah blah I'm still running but now I got a new pair of kicks! I'm so excited, I was weary about them at first, until I just got off the treadmill-LOVE THEM!!  I had really good luck with my Nike REAX for about 2 maybe 3 months now, or so I thought. One of Mark's gifts for Christmas was New Balance gift cards so on New Year's Eve we shot up to Lincoln Park and had a great visit to the New Balance store. Right away they watched me walk, fitted me and BAM-Mamma's got a new pair of shoes!  Correct width, size and NEW supports (wow, sounds like I'm 80 and just bought orthopedic shoes) but yeah apparently I overpronate in my left foot which is most likely the reason to my now almost two week old pain of my left quadricep. So oh gosh if these shoes and supports stop my pain I will be FOREVER grateful.  This isn't the first time I've experienced the pain, it is however the first time I've pushed through it plus did something about it. I play tough girl a lot-hopefully I've learned my lesson. :-) 
Long story short-I love them and gosh I sure do hope they learn to love me (uhhh what's not to love?-duh). But I've realized in life regardless of what it is from relationships to shoes if you take care of something and treat it right it lasts longer. 
 So now I'm about to sound like an actual real runner in-4..3..2..1-
-I'm only gonna wear these shoes when I run.
-Tie/untie them when I put them on/take off
-Track my miles and once I hit 350-400 miles-replace them, end of story. 

Now take at look at these pretty puppies that get to snuggle up with my feet EVERY DAY...gosh they are almost as lucky as Mark!!  ;-)

PS-this caught my eye How-To Trainings...hmm mayyyyyybe.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

This made me happy.

As you know I've taken up running...I'll go into more detail later about that (trying not to jinx it) but anyways this was a quick convo this morning with a great friend of mine that I sort of live to impress (ha not really but yea he supports me uber lots). Either way it made me smile :-) so I'm sharing....
PS-"der" is my slang for DUH